Hi! I’m Philippe

 It has been 30 years since I made the best decision of my life… I moved to the United Kingdom.

Originally from Paris, before I made London my home, I was basically a vagrant of the world, going from one country to another. Being a former model, home was wherever I would lay my head down on the pillow at night.

A little info about my humble beginnings. One of four boys (I’m the eldest), I grew up in a loving, working-class family. I wasn’t doing great at school, just enough to get by… early on, I just had a niggling feeling that there was something better for me out there… I knew I wanted to travel and be financially independent. At sixteen this feeling increased to the point where I felt totally alienated from my peers at school. Not a day passed without thoughts of countries and experiences yet to be discovered…

Then it happened… Prayers answered! (or was it Law of Attraction or Positive Thinking), after a random (or was it?) encounter in the Latin Quarter of Paris, at the age of seventeen, I was offered a contract to model in Japan. Not only I was travelling the world but I was financially independent.

Fast-forward to 1989. After a stint in NYC, I decided to move to London. By this stage, I was quite disillusioned with the modelling business and although I had quit after my last contract in Japan, I did some editorial work for various magazines in NYC… I went from jobs to jobs such as being a sales assistant, a fitness instructor, a waiter and various other works…

Fast-forward to 1999. I enrolled on a hairdressing course (at the tender age of 34!),  I was determined to make a success of it. It helped that, as it turned out I was a natural… all these years spent backstage of fashion shows, observing the creative team at work whilst waiting for my turn to strut my stuff on the catwalk, it finally paid off! Before I was even qualified I was offered a job in a high-end hair salon in the West End of London.

Fast-forward 2019. I’m still in London (well… kind of… as from the summer of 2018 I have taken residence on a boat which I move around, but more about this in my blogs) and although I’m grateful for the financial security hairdressing has given me, last year I felt that it was time to move on… Well, I actually felt that way 5 years ago but at 48 years old, what on earth was I going to do… nothing… or so it seemed until the urge for a change grew stronger and stronger. Please Universe, give me a sign!!! And it did! The answer came shortly after clicking on a meditation video on Youtube, in the form of an ad that I would normally skip after 5 seconds, except that this time, I didn’t. I watched it in its entirety… Although initially, I didn’t follow through with the offer in the ad, the seed was planted… And that’s where I’m at today…I’m embarking on a new journey and this is overwhelmingly exciting.

So here I ‘m today, starting a business online to achieve financial freedom after finishing an online business training, which I have shared with you on my page ‘start here’. I also have a page for my (very) small shop, in which I sell my brand (Philippe De Paris). There, you will  ONLY find products that I either believe in or use myself, as well as the occasional vintage toy (which I love collecting!).

Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy my blogs about life and things. Some more serious than others, some more personal, but always truthful to my beliefs.

See you soon,